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Pride Month: 5 Youth Organizations To Volunteer For

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Pride Month, we've created a roundup of five youth-oriented organizations worth getting involved with.

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dote dish with Gabrielle Moses

Gabrielle Moses tells dote she thinks it’s not healthy that people today are constantly comparing themselves to other people on social media.


Summer Soundtrack: What We’re Listening to

Find out what’s playing at Dote HQ.


dote dish with Angel Gibbs

Angel Gibbs tells dote why Dancers Against Cancer is the cause she cares about most.

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dote dish with Tati McQuay

Tati McQuay, an actress, singer, and dancer living in LA doesn’t have the usual 15-year-old’s schedule. Here, she tells us where she gets her inspiration and how she keeps her skin so clear.


Fashion Feature: Warmer Weather Accessories

Hottest summer accessories

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dote dish with Carla Stevenné

Cleveland-based Carla Stevenné tells dote where she gets her inspiration.

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dote dish with Niyla S.

Niyla S. tells dote why it’s important that girls stick up for and support each other.

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Fashion Feature: This Summer’s Must Haves

What should you be wearing this summer?

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dote dish with Sona N.

Find out why a dream day for Sona N. would be spent with Mozart, Dvorak, and John Williams.

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