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dote dish with Payton Frantz

YouTuber Payton Frantz, an art student at Colorado State University, shares with dote what it means to live life through faith.
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dote dish with Bryce Xavier

LA-based creator and singer, Bryce Xavier, tells us the story behind his hit new song, His Girl.
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dote dish with the Mezu twins

The Mezu twins share their passion for helping those less fortunate and answer whether or not twin telepathy is a thing.
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dote dish with Adrienne Finch

LA-based entrepreneur and creator Adrienne Finch shares the inspiration behind her company and podcast, The Self-Made CEO.
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Fire Fits of the Week

Everything from chunky sneakers, mom jeans, and cargo pants, here is a round up of the best fits from this week.
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dote dish with Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee shares her fav places to eat in LA, what inspires her most, and how she avoids burnout juggling a triple major at UCLA.
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dote dish with Dominique Creese

LA-based Dominique Creese tells dote about moving across the country, her love for dance, and why she’s committed to fighting animal cruelty.
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dote dish with Tamara Avinami

Tamara Avinami had to quit a career as a competitive rhythmic gymnast due to a terrible back injury. Here, she shares with dote what that experience taught her.

dote dish with Jasmin Corley

Jasmin Corley shares why she cares so much about empowering young people in the San Francisco Bay Area.