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Unapologetically You Now Available On Dote

The wait is over: Unapologetically You by The Mezu Twins is available now!
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dote stories just got better
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dote dish with Milan Mirabella

Arizona-based Milan Mirabella shares her favorite summer trends and why mental health awareness is important to her.

10 tips for making an awesome video story

We’ve compiled some tips and tricks so you can make the very best video stories. Try these out to make great stories on dote and earn money when you help the community shop!
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5 editing apps for making a video story

Want to make amazing video stories on dote? The more your videos help the dote community shop, the more coins you can earn. We’ve compiled a list of the apps that are great for creating and editing videos.
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5 trending video types on dote

We are amazed by the dote nations's creativity and the video stories you post to dote every day. Here are a few video types that are trending. Try one out this week! :)
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dote dish with Jenna Arend

Jenna Arend shares her motivation for transferring colleges and the secrets behind her crystal clear skin.

dote dish with Marla Fay

“I feel like every time I travel I learn more about the world and myself.” Marla Fay is on a mission to travel to all 195 countries.
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All the dote return details you need

Need to make a return? We've got you covered.
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Behind The Scenes: Unapologetically You, by The Mezu Twins

Learn about the inspiration behind the debut line from dote nation’s beloved set of twins.