5 editing apps for making a video story

Want to make amazing video stories on dote? The more your videos help the dote community shop, the more coins you can earn. We’ve compiled a list of the apps that are great for creating and editing videos.

5 editing apps for making a video story

1. Videoshop - This app great for creating transitions. Pro tip: If you follow them on Instagram, they remove the watermark for one video.

2. Pocket Video - This is a super simple app, which is what makes it great. Add background music, green screen text styles, add video and photo stickers, and choose from hundreds of fonts and backgrounds.

3. Bee Cut - An app great for trimming and speeding up your video. You can insert pictures and add transitions to make them blend in with the video. 

4. Splice - An app that’s also super easy to use and well designed. 

5. Tiktok - You know this app! Throw on a filter for maximum mood making. Pro tip: You can crop the video in your camera roll to get the watermark out. Or you can use the app Video Rotate and Flip!

And remember! Film your videos in portrait mode (the up and down way, as opposed to landscape mode, the sideways way) and keep your video under 60 seconds. Add a catchy title, caption and tag the products you are wearing. Finally, try out a trending video type. (For even more tips on making a great video, read more here.)

We can’t wait to see what you make.