7 tips for throwing a great shopping party

So you want to throw a great shopping party? Here’s all you need to know.

7 tips for throwing a great shopping party

1. Choose a type of party. The best parties have a purpose. Fan favorites are Try on Hauls, Get Ready With Me, Makeup Tutorials, Morning/Nightime Routines or Shop with me (for a specific event!). Be sure to show the products you are using on your app screen.

2. Plan in advance. Have a plan and do any prep work (like favoriting items, thinking through what you want to show users etc) in advance of the party. 

3. Make sure your face is in frame. Your forehead is beautiful, but your fans want to see your gorgeous face. Do them a favor and make sure your face is in the camera frame.

4. Make your party high quality. Make sure you have good lighting and good wifi. Ensure the mic is not covered and your background music isn’t too loud. 

5. Tell your friends. Share on snap, IG or text your crew so they can hype you mid-party.

6. Engage with the audience.  You’re live for a reason! Ask them questions, engage with their answers.

7. Be high energy. The most engaging parties are when hosts are upbeat and excited.