Behind The Scenes: Unapologetically You, by The Mezu Twins

Learn about the inspiration behind the debut line from dote nation’s beloved set of twins.

Behind The Scenes: Unapologetically You, by The Mezu Twins

Earlier this summer, we announced that dote is working with some amazing creators to develop and launch their own private label lines of apparel and accessories. As we approach the debut of Unapologetically You by The Mezu Twins in the coming weeks, we wanted to give you a look behind the scenes at the creative process.  When Ugochi and Tobechi set out to design Unapologetically You, they knew they wanted it to be affordable, unique, and—like everything they do—positive and upbeat. The collection will feature a bucket hat, earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, and some great casual tops.

From the get-go, one of the greatest inspirations for the Mezu Twins was the 2005 movie, Twitches, starring another set of well-known twins, Tia and Tamara Mowry. Throughout the film, Tia and Tamara wear sun and moon necklaces. As the twins put it in a recent interview, “they were strong apart, but even stronger together and we’ve always been so inspired by them as long as we can remember, so we wanted to bring that part to life.” You’ll see a celestial theme throughout the line—this is where it comes from. 

Unapologetically You was also influenced by some of the Mezu Twins’ favorite brands on dote, including Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Princess Polly. What items will they personally have in constant rotation? “Definitely the jewelry, because accessories are essential to your everyday look,” they said.  The Mezu Twins couldn’t be more excited to see dote nation rocking items from their first collection. “Style how you like and remember to be your best self. Unapologetically You is about owning it and standing up for what you believe in,” they said.

What was it like collaborating with dote? “Creating this private label with dote was like having a trusted community who is understanding, welcoming, and brought to life the vision of what we wanted our line to look like,” they said. 

Items in Unapologetically You will start at $10 and will come in a variety of sizes, from XS to XXL. Just like your other favorite brands, Unapologetically You will have its own storefront on dote. Be sure to follow the Mezu Twins on dote to stay in the know about the line’s launch.