10 tips for becoming a dote creator (dote girl, dote unicorn, dote alien, whatever)

So you want to become a dote fashion icon? Here are the 10 tips you need to know.

10 tips for becoming a dote creator (dote girl, dote unicorn, dote alien, whatever)

1. Dial in your profile 💅 • Choose a great username and profile pic. Make some favorites lists that others can shop from. 

2. Post stories on the reg 📆 • Dote community members see the most growth when they post every day, but we recommend at least 3x per week if you’re trying to be the next Anna Wintour.

3. Share the love💕 • Share your stories on other platforms (IG, Snap, etc). When your story is bringing in new users, it’ll earn more coins. Make sure you say “Download the dote app” for best results. 4. Make stories compelling📝 • Have a point of view in your stories. Get personal. For more info on how to make stories great, check out our pro tips here. 5. Host a (great) shopping party 🛍  • Going live is a great way to get discovered and connect deeply with your followers. The best shopping parties have a purpose, like a haul or someone hosting a “get ready with me” video. For more info on how to make parties great check out our article here.

6. Don’t be shy 👋🏾 • Meaningful engagement with the dote community is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to comment, like, and engage with others on the platform.

7. Don’t spam 💀 • Seriously though. Leave thoughtful comments. 

8. Earn the crown 👑 • When you reach 20k followers, you get the crown, which means instant credibility and more exclusive offers and brand deals. 

9. Add your dote profile link to your IG bio 🔗 • Adding your dote link to your bio will increase the number of people who see your posts and follow you, earning you more and putting you on the path to the crown. 

10. Tag @doteshopping in the caption and image of your IG posts 📷  • This will give you a chance to be featured, which gets you more followers.