dote dish with Milan Mirabella

Arizona-based Milan Mirabella shares her favorite summer trends and why mental health awareness is important to her.

dote dish with Milan Mirabella

Name: Milan Mirabella Age: 16 Location: Arizona IG: @milan_mirabella YT: Milan Mirabella  Twitter: @milan_mirabella Dote: @milanmirabella

Dote: Tell us a little bit about your decision to switch to online school—what are you most looking forward to during junior year? Milan: Switching to online school made my life a little bit easier in multiple ways. I’m most looking forward to how stress free my junior year will be!

Dote: What’s your favorite summer memory so far?  Milan: My favorite summer memory is 4th of July! I loved spending quality time with my family and enjoying their company!

Dote: Your makeup always looks perfect. Where do you get your inspiration?  Milan: Why thank you!! I get my inspiration from all over social media. Whenever I see a look I like, I make a mental note to try it out. 

Dote: What’s your favorite summer trend?  Milan: My favorite summer trend this year has been seashell necklaces, they’re so adorable!

Dote: What do you do when you need to relax? Milan: Whenever I need to relax, I like to just take a deep breath, get comfortable and listen to my favorite music. 

Dote: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?  Milan: Check my phone, that’s always been a habit that I can’t seem to break. 

Dote: If you could spend the day with any musician/recording artist, who would it be and why? Milan: Chance The Rapper, 100%. He’s been my favorite for the longest time. It would be a dream to spend the day with him. 

Dote: Who’s currently your favorite dote follow? Milan: I can’t pick a favorite, I love them all!!

Dote: What’s the one thing you never leave home without?  Milan: My phone for sure, I feel like most people can relate to that one.

Dote: What’s your song of summer? Milan: My song of summer would have to be Island In The Sun by Weezer. It always gives me those happy summer vibes!

Dote: What or who inspires you the most as a creator and why?  Milan: What inspires me the most as a creator is my audience—without them I’d be nowhere. I’m extremely thankful for each and every one of my followers. They bring me such happiness and truly inspire me so much. 

Dote: What’s a cause you care about and why? Milan: One of the causes I care about is Mental Health Awareness. It’s very common for young teens to have a mental health illness and it’s important to me that it is treated properly. 

Dote: What’s your favorite family tradition? Milan: My favorite family tradition is opening our presents as a family on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day. We always have such a good time giving our gifts to each other, smiling, and laughing the whole night away. 

Dote: What’s your favorite clothing brand on dote? Milan: For sure Brandy Melville. I’m very obsessed. 

Dote: What’s something your followers probably don’t know about you? Milan: That’s a hard one, maybe one thing is that I used to live in Pennsylvania for 2 years while growing up. Not sure how many people know that. 😉