dote dish with Airam Gallegos

Airam Gallegos shares her story of traveling to Tornillo, Texas to participate in a march with Voto Latino—and what she learned from it.

dote dish with Airam Gallegos

Name: Airam Gallegos Age: 18 Location: Los Angeles IG: @qweenairam YT: Airam Gallegos Dote: @qweenairam

Dote: You just graduated high school—congratulations! What are your plans for next year?  Airam: As crazy as it sounds, I really don’t know yet! I do know that I want some sort of college to be in my future. I just don't know whether it is going to be out of state or community college! I do know that I want to continue focusing on my social media platforms. 

Dote: Looking back on your time in high school, what’s one thing you wish you could tell yourself on your first day of freshman year? Airam: High school was something that was always really fun for me. Only telling myself one thing is really hard since I learned so much about myself. I would probably tell myself to enjoy every second of it because it really is the fastest 4 years of your life.

Dote: You’ve worked with @votolatino, which is very inspiring. What can you tell us about your experience? Airam: Working with an organization that is encouraging people around my age and older to be more involved with issues happening today and encouraging people to get out and vote has been an experience that has encouraged me to do better. Exactly a year ago, they gave me the opportunity to go and be with them to march where innocent kids were being detained in Tornillo, Texas. 

Dote: You are a very engaged young person when it comes to current events. What are your favorite ways to consume the day’s news? Airam: I never really have time to sit and watch the news on my TV. So I really try and connect through my phone. Whether it come from news apps or social media.

Dote: What are you most looking forward to this summer?  Airam: So far, this summer has been the best summer of my life. From going to the beach to being at the river to just hanging out by the pool. I just really want to take in these last couple of months I have with my boyfriend and all of my closest friends. 

Dote: You have five minutes to pack for a surprise getaway, what are you packing? Airam: As many dresses as possible so I can just throw those on without having to worry about matching full outfits. First thing before everything else, I'm packing my phone and camera! Then a sweatshirt, sweats, toothbrush, chapstick, mascara, brush, charger, wallet, and two pairs of shoes. 

Dote: What are your current beauty favs? Airam: I have recently been loving a lot of Glossier products! Especially their glow sticks and lip gloss!

Dote: What’s your song of summer? Airam: Sunday Best by Surfaces or Take a Drive by Sofie Lynn!

Dote: What or who inspires you the most as a creator and why?  Airam: As weird as it may sound David Dobrik is a huge inspiration. My content really isn’t anything like his, but I always feel really inspired when watching his vlogs or listening to his podcast! 

Dote: What’s a cause you care about and why? Airam: Helping people in need. For as long as I can remember, my family and I would do really big trips to Mexico and have vans packed with loads of essentials that families are in need of. Every year, we do a trip like that and i love it because it really brings me back and makes me realize how fortunate I am to have a roof over my head. 

Dote: What’s your favorite book and why? Airam: Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks! While reading the book I was constantly feeling something, which I loved. By the end of the book, I was in full flooded tears! 

Dote: What’s your favorite family tradition? Airam: Our annual Christmas Eve karaoke that doesn't end until 5 a.m.

Dote: What’s your favorite clothing brand on dote? Airam: Urban Outfitters or Colourpop, for sure. 

Dote: What is your favorite quote? Airam: I am super sarcastic and some people have a really hard time knowing if im joking or not, which isn't always good, but 99.9% of the time, it’s a joke.