10 tips for making a great story on dote

So you want to write a great Story? Here are our 10 pro tips. Remember, anyone is eligible to get bonuses for their Stories!

10 tips for making a great story on dote

1. Write about your outfit! A good story is more than just a picture.
• Our top Stories have at least 300 characters in the caption!
• You can write up to 2,000 characters in a single Story
• Don’t forget to split your Story into paragraphs! That’s easier to read than a single long paragraph

2. Be creative 💡 You can write about anything! Here are some examples of great topics to make stories about: 
• “If you can only buy 1 pair of jean shorts this summer, this is it!”
• “The most versatile lipstick colors from MAC!”
• “How I style a simple white tee 5 different ways!”
• “I tried on all the floral dresses at Forever21 so you don’t have to!”

3. Post multiple fire photos!
• Pictures with faces are more likely to get engagement. This is tried and true. If you have a picture of just your top or shorts, you can use that as a second or third picture.
• Good lighting is important, but do not have the flash on when you post a mirror selfie!📸
• You can include up to 5 photos in a single story!

4. Have a catchy title!
• Make it descriptive: “Best mom jeans on the market for under $50” instead of “my favorite jeans”
• Make it informative: “Skirts for tall girls” instead of “Skirts I love”
• Make it unique: “I wear these when I feel like I have NOTHING  to wear” instead of “my favorite outfits”
• Make it funny: “Shorts your mom will approve of” instead of “cute shorts”

5. Tag products on Dote!
• Tag products so your followers know what to buy!
• If the exact product is sold out, tag similar ones! 
• The more you tag, the more likely your Story will inspire purchases on Dote, which means more bonuses for your Stories!

6. Make it conversational!
• When posting, imagine talking about shopping with your best friend! 
• Ask readers to chime in by asking things like,  “what do you all think?” and “help me pick out an outfit!”
• If the content is conversational and authentic, readers are more likely to trust the it!

7. Include your personal details, styling advice and purchase tips!
• Personal details such as height, fit, usual size and what size you got for the featured outfit will help your followers make a purchasing decision!
• Shout out items that are cuter in person than they looked online!
• Teach other users how to DIY a pair of ripped jeans!
• Include information about deals: “Guys, my favorite shorts are on sale for 60% off!”

8. Be genuine! ❣️
• Include your honest opinions and always stay true to yourself.
• Say how the outfit makes you feel, including details about how you felt during the try-on—the good and bad.
• Write about the thought process you went through to make a purchase so that it resonates!
• Embrace your vulnerability and share something you wouldn’t on another platform. 

9. Be supportive 💕
• Be supportive to our community members! If they have questions about sizing, help them out! 
• When you see other users created a great Story, leave a nice comment!
• Remember, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! 

10. Things NOT to do 😤
• Don’t use other peoples photos.
• Don’t spam in the comments! Seriously, though.