5 tips for making a great story on dote

So you want to make a great dote Story? Here are our 5 pro tips.

5 tips for making a great story on dote

1. Post a 🔥 photo! Or multiple. • Pictures with faces are more likely to get engagement. This is tried and true. • Good lighting is important, but do not have the flash on when you post a mirror selfie!  • If it’s blurry, retake it.

2. Tag your look! • Tag products so your followers know what to buy. • If the exact product is sold out, tag something similar. • The more you tag, the more likely your Story will inspire purchases on dote, BUT don’t get crazy and tag every hoco dress you can possibly find!

3. Give us the detes!  • Add a catchy title that describes your look with a description that convinces people to buy it.  • Tag a hashtag or two but only if it is relevant to your content • You can keep it short and simple or make it long and descriptive.

4. Spill the tea ☕ • Share your honest opinion about what you like and dislike about the items you’re wearing.  • Include personal details such as height, fit, and size to help your followers make a purchasing decision. • Shoutout items that are cuter in person than they looked online • If your items are on sale, post about it… everyone loves a good deal! 

5. Do’s and don'ts • Don’t post stolen content from any other social platform or user (vsco, pinterest, tumblr, etc.)  • Keep it simple and only tag up to 4 hashtags that are relevant to your story 

Don’t forget to always be genuine and supportive :)