10 tips for making an awesome video story

We’ve compiled some tips and tricks so you can make the very best video stories. Try these out to make great stories on dote and earn money when you help the community shop!

10 tips for making an awesome video story

1. Be genuine ❣️ Stay true to yourself. What’s unique about you and your style that you can share with the community? Use your videos to express yourself. 

2. Be supportive. Watch and like other people’s stories. Comment and follow the creator if you like what you see! The karma will follow. 

3. Try out a trending video type!

4. Use a video editing app. Check out the 5 we recommend

5. Add a catchy title 📝 You want to stop people and entice them to watch your video and read your caption.

6. Film in portrait mode on your iPhone 🎬 Videos on dote are only in portrait mode, the up and down way, as opposed to landscape mode, the sideways way.

7. Tag everything you’re wearing with the exact product if possible. If not, find a product on dote that is super similar.

8. Avoid promoting your other platforms (“check out my IG!” or “follow for follow” or “use my code”). These can distract from the great content you just made.

9. Film your video in front of a nice background with great lighting💡

10. Have fun! Fun always makes for the best content.