Behind the Scenes: Hello Vibes by Emma Marie

Emma Marie shares the story behind her debut dote collection, Hello Vibes

Behind the Scenes: Hello Vibes by Emma Marie

On the heels of the debut of Unapologetically You by the Mezu Twins, today, we’re taking you behind the scenes of dote’s next creator private label: Hello Vibes by Emma Marie.  Emma has always dreamed of having her own clothing line, but ultimately, this is about her fans and young women in general. “The line was designed for all girls to feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. When you put the clothes on, you should feel a whole new vibe,” she told the crown during a recent interview

Emma has always been passionate about fashion as a way to express herself, so creating her first collection of apparel and accessories is something she approached with conviction. “I wanted the designs to be a part of me. I included my favorite colors, thought of things that represented me, and made the designs match my style,” she said. Her hope is for people to feel like these are items they can feel confident in on a day-to-day basis—casual, while still being on trend.  The Hello Vibes collection will feature four styles in predominantly pastel colors, including a cropped hoodie, two casual tops, and, of course, Emma’s signature seashell choker necklace. Items will range in price from $12-34 and will come in sizes XS-XXL. 

So where’d the name come from? Emma wanted the line to exude a fresh, positive feeling. While she’s adored by her fans, Emma has a hard time introducing herself to new people. So she created the line with that in mind—she hopes the collection will help people feel confident enough to break out of their shell, whether that means feeling empowered to meet new people or something else.   While designing the line, Emma was inspired by Aspyn Ovard. “The color scheme on her Instagram and her style reminds me of happy vibes, so that influenced some of the designs,” she said. She also drew inspiration from some of her favorite brands, including Urban Outfitters, Brandy Melville, and PacSun.

Be sure to follow Emma on dote to stay in the know on the collection’s rollout. We couldn’t be more proud of Emma and can’t wait for you to see and shop the whole collection.