Last week's top stories on dote

learn from the best: the top performing stories of last week and why they were so successful

Last week's top stories on dote

1. By sharing her advice on how to wear sweats to create a comfy and cute outfit, Jayka's story helps other members of dote nation style themselves. A unique fit paired with some helpful advice means now everyone can rock it.

2. In this story Rylin got personal, sharing where to find the best shorts for her body type while not having to spend a fortune. She posts multiple pics and tags multiple items. The more personal the advice, the more effective stories are in helping other shoppers. It is no surprise that this fire story earned 20,000 coins.

3. From the perfect army green jacket to the finishing facial spritz, Ashley shares everything about her look. We love her advice to how the simplest beauty products can be the finishing touch. Ashley’s story shows her outfit with a photo carousel from all angles. She tags items and explains how each one should be apart of everyone's wardrobe.

4. Do you ever feel like your outfit is incomplete? Jasmin has the perfect belt for you. Her story is informative while feeling a little like a mini shopping trip with your best friend, so obviously she earned 20,000 coins. Want to twin with her? Same here!