dote dish with Marla Fay

“I feel like every time I travel I learn more about the world and myself.” Marla Fay is on a mission to travel to all 195 countries.

dote dish with Marla Fay

Name: Marla Fay Age: 17 Location: Miami IG:@marlafay YT: Marla Fay Dote: @marlafay

Dote: You are on a mission to travel all 195 countries. Can we get a status update? Where are you headed this summer?  Marla: Yes, I would actually like to break the world record as the youngest female to have traveled to every country in the world! I have traveled to 18 countries so far and just got back from the Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos. I’m heading to Italy later this summer.

Dote: Why are you so passionate about travel?  Marla: I feel like every time I travel I learn more about the world and myself. I want to see the world and not learn about it through a textbook. Videography is my passion and I want to document and share my travels to inspire, educate, and send positive messages to others.  

Dote: You are very adventurous, but was there something on a recent trip that made you genuinely nervous?   Marla: Honestly, I never really get nervous or scared. I think uncertainty is one of the most beautiful things in life and I think of adrenaline as pure energy. But if I think about it, the one time I have gotten nervous on a trip was when I swam out to an iceberg in New Zealand. I probably stayed in too long because when I got out I couldn’t properly form words or even dress myself.

Dote: Do you ever get homesick? Marla: Rarely, but when I do it hits hard.

Dote: What are some of your travel beauty hacks?  Marla: I honestly don’t have any. I actually need to work on this and am watching youtube videos and finding out what my friends love best. 

Dote: You’ll be a senior next year, what are you most looking forward to?  Marla: First, I have a ton of amazing friends in my high school and I am super excited to make memories with them.  But, secondly, I have taken a ton of classes in advance of my senior year and I will have a lot of time to travel and work on my videography. So, my senior year of high school is set to do what I love the most: make memories with friends, travel, and do more videography.

Dote: What’s the one thing you never leave home without?  Marla: I can never travel without a blanket and my camera gear.

Dote: What’s your song of summer? Marla: Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede

Dote: What or who inspires you the most as a creator and why?  Marla: Probably my brother, Merrett Fay. He has been traveling and making videos for as long as I can remember. I would sit beside him and watch him edit for hours on end and I know so much of my creativity is from him.  He is now going on tour with ASAP Ferg as one of his Creative Directors/Photographer and he is only 21.

Dote: What’s a cause you care about and why?  Marla: I am really concerned about plastic and pollution and its effects on our reefs, turtles, and planet. I want to help spread this message and more in my travels and film making. 

Dote: What’s your favorite book and why? Marla: I really enjoyed The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It helped me understand myself, family, and friends a lot more than I did. It’s helped open my eyes when something seems “off” with a friend or loved one—it is a matter of understanding how that person prefers to be communicated with, or rather, what is their "love language."  

Dote: What’s your favorite family tradition? Marla: For Thanksgiving, everyone in my family sits down and writes 30 things we are thankful for and then we share the list with each other after our meal. We save our letters and post them all around the house year after year during the holidays.  

Dote: If you could spend a day with three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why? Marla: Because I’m obsessed with their travel, storytelling, and videography, I would love to spend a day filming with Sam Kolder and Sam Potter. My third person would be my best friend, Briana, who passed away from Leukemia. I miss her so much and probably a lot of my never sweating the small stuff or wasting time on high school drama came from her. She never wasted a moment of her life and was always laughing. 

Dote: What’s your favorite clothing brand on dote? Marla: There is no way to pick one, but if I must, probably Princess Polly.

Dote: What’s something your followers may not know about you? Marla: Let me tell you two things followers may not know about me. When I was 3 I cut my finger off, but the good news is, it’s been reattached. Second, I was a competitive wakeboarder when I was younger and placed 2nd in the World for Wakeboarding.