Introducing dote stories

Now everyone can become a fashion influencer and earn money on dote.

Introducing dote stories

One of the most rewarding parts of what we do at dote is seeing a diverse set of voices expressing their style and creating positive relationships with each other. Today, I’m excited to announce some new features in the dote app that will make it possible for any user to tell their style story and become a dote influencer, which means accessing dote influencer opportunities, like trips and hauls, as well as being compensated for making great content that helps the community shop.

Tell your style story to become an influencer. When you open the app today, you’ll see a new section called Stories. We know dote nation has always loved sharing their style by posting fits, so we decided to take this concept to the next level.  Stories are a place for you to share your style and shopping stories. They are like fits, but with much more context and perspective than what was usually included in a fits post. Stories will include multiple photos and text detailing how you picked the items and any specifics about them you want your audience to know. You can include up to 2,000 characters of text, so feel free to be very detailed about sizing, material, etc. And of course, tag all of the products you’re wearing on dote to make it easier for your followers to shop the look. Stories make it a lot easier to grow a following on dote. 

Become a dote influencer. We’re launching stories because we think it should be easier for anyone to unlock influencer status online if their content helps others shop. We are giving everyone in our community access to our influencer program—trips, product lines, giveaways, sponsored hauls, and more—if they create great content on our platform. Anyone who reaches +20,000 followers on dote will also now get the crown badge.

Earn coins by creating great stories. If your story helps others shop, you’ll earn coins. The more helpful the story, the more you’ll earn. Coins can now be used to purchase items at checkout, be exchanged for cash, or used to access influencer opportunities (trips, hauls, and more). You will continue to earn coins for every purchase: 3 coins for every $1 spent, so there is really no reason to shop anywhere else. 

How do you make a great story?  Check out our article here for all the pro tips. And while you’re studying up on making a great story, check out our tips for becoming an influencer on dote, too!  We couldn’t be more excited to see our dote family grow. What are you waiting for? Post your first story today.  

- Lauren Farleigh, founder and CEO, dote