What is a dote creator (dote girl, dote unicorn, dote alien, whatever)?

Everything you've ever wanted to know about dote creators.

What is a dote creator (dote girl, dote unicorn, dote alien, whatever)?

So what is a dote creator?

A dote creator is a member of the dote community who inspires others to shop by posting dote stories and building meaningful relationships with other users. As a dote girl, dote boy, dote unicorn, dote superstar, or dote alien, you can share your fashion style and become a paid fashion creator on dote. That’s right, you heard us - dote makes it possible for anyone who loves fashion and wants to be part of the dote community to become a paid fashion creator!

How do I become a dote creator?

EASY! All you have to do to become a dote creator is follow these simple steps:

1. Download dote 

2. Inspire others to shop by posting dote stories that highlight your unique style (shine like the star that you are!)

3. Build your dote squad. Connect with other dote users through stories, likes and comments to authentically build your dote following. 

4. Add your dote profile link to your Instagram bio so your IRL friends can follow you on dote too. 

5. The more stories you post, the more coins you earn, the more money you have to shop. Or save up your coins to redeem them for creator deals (think urban outfitter shopping hauls, the ability to host a giveaway for your followers, and brand sponsored trips)!

For even more pro tips on how to become a dote creator, check out our blog post on 10 tips for becoming a dote creator.

What does it mean to be a dote creator?

dote creators are passionate about sharing their unique style with the world. They are role models for having the courage to express their true selves through fashion. 

What is dote?

dote is the app where anyone can become a paid fashion creator! Share your fashion style to get followers and earn coins that you can use to buy items, exchange for cash or redeem for influencer prizes. 

Download dote now to inspire, earn, and shop.

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