AVATARA SKIN Drink Up Sheet...
AVATARA SKIN Drink Up Sheet Mask
AVATARA SKIN Drink Up Sheet Mask

AVATARA SKIN Drink Up Sheet Mask

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item# 359687 Avatara Skin Drink Up Sheet mask. A tall glass of water for your skin. Rehydrate dry, dull skin, giving it a more youthful glowing appearance with this exclusive cocktail of hydrating ingredients. Drink up face mask for dry skin helps restore and preserve hydration. Use this sheet mask to rejuvenate dry skin and keep skin soft and glowing. Drink Up Face mask helps manage dry skin with natural ingredients like European blueberry, sugar cane, orange, lemon, sugar maple, arnica, and aloe. Paraben, silicone, mineral oil-free. Dry skin not only looks dull - it makes skin look older. Whether it's cold air in cooler climates, indoor heating, or air lacking humidity, the elements can dry skin out. Give skin the hydration it craves with Drink Up face mask for dry skin. Imported.

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