dragunegg transformation kit
dragunegg transformation kit
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dragunegg transformation kit


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This revolutionary system is the first step to creating the ultimate face-filtered fantasy, IRL. Housed in Nikita’s insanely iconic DragunEgg, the TRANSformation Kit combines the proprietary powers of the groundbreaking DragunFire Skin Perfecting Potion with the Pink Opal and Yellow Topaz pigments of the DragunHeart TRANSformation Face Powder. This system works to correct the appearance of under eye dark circles, cover blemishes and uneven discoloration to create the perfect canvas for concealer, contour, foundation and so much more. These two products are the new, essential first and last steps to unleashing the fantasy in your daily beauty ritual. Vegan & Cruelty-Free. DragunFire Fill Weight: 4ml. DragunHeart Pink Opal Fill Weight: 0.17oz / 4.9g. DragunHeart Yellow Topaz Fill Weight: 0.16oz / 4.58g

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