Gypsy Shrine - Peel Off Gli...
Gypsy Shrine - Peel Off Glitter
Gypsy Shrine - Peel Off GlitterGypsy Shrine - Peel Off Glitter

Gypsy Shrine - Peel Off Glitter


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Introducing the first EVER Peel Off Glitter Glue fixing gel WITH GLITTER IN IT!!! An everyday glittered glue that will simply peel off when you’re finished partying, leaving no mess! The new gel is formulated from a face mask, so not only does it leave you completely glitter free, but your skin also feels silky smooth after a weekend of partying the night away! PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USING THIS PRODUCT ON HAIR AND EYEBROWS. You asked, we made it! After the success of our worlds first Peel Off Glitter Glue, we have reformulated it with GLITTER IN IT! After working with glitter for so long we had to develop a product to make removal easy and now we have! Its also Vegan, cruelty free and party proof! What more could you want?! Apply a layer of Glitter Gel onto the skin using brush or fingers Pick your glitter - using a brush, apply to glitter over the top of the gel Allow the gel to set! Now go and enjoy your event! The glitter won’t budge! Make sure to wait until it is all completely dry before you remove it to get the best peeling motion. This gel is completely party proof and when you’re ready, just simply peel it off and dispose of it correctly. Straight into the rubbish bin! 35g Tube

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