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Striker Torrent Side-Zip GORE-TEX 8"
Striker Torrent Side-Zip GORE-TEX 8"Striker Torrent Side-Zip GORE-TEX 8"

Striker Torrent Side-Zip GORE-TEX 8"

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This boot features a speed lace fastening system for secure fit, a semi-locking side zip, a 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® membrane, and a removable cushioning antimicrobial polyurethane footbed with additional layer of open cell construction for air circulation. The polyurethane midsole provides superior cushioning and added durability. The new Danner® TFX-8 platform is the lightest weight and most versatile TFX construction featuring a cross stitch design which provides added durability and stability in the lateral toe and medial heel pivot zones. The Vibram® Striker® Torrent outsole features 360 degree pentagonal low lug pattern for grip in all directions, a flex notch design in key pivot areas and a more rugged outer lug pattern which sheds water and provides maximum surface contact.

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