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Brandy Melville

Tips for Brandy Melville

Why is Brandy Melville so popular?

Brandy offers affordable and simple clothing items and they can easily become your new #ootd. Not only are they simple but also really comfy. You will always look dope with anything Brandy.

What are their most popular items?

Brandy is known for its comfy crop tops, plaid skirts, and dainty jewelry. They can easily be mixed and matched. Some of your favorite influencers love wearing them, like Fiona Frills. 

What is Brandy’s sizing like?

Brandy's sizing predominantly fits x-small or small. However, their oversized tees do offer more of a stretch and can be easily paired with biker shorts.

Where can I buy Brandy Melville?

Of course, you can buy Brandy Melville on dote! You can also shop IRL at their nearby locations.

Does Brandy Melville ever go on sale?

Brandy Melville rarely goes on sale and they do not offer coupon codes or discount codes.