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Tips for Yoga Pants

Are yoga pants ok with dress code?

Depends on your school, but sometimes! They’re an awesome alternative to jeans when you’re trying to have a comfy day. If your school has a strict dress code, just pack them in your bag and change as soon as the school day ends!

How do I find my size in yoga pants?

Yoga pants are supposed to be form-fitting, so if you buy true to size they should hug you in all the right places! Usually yoga pants run in sizes XS-XL instead of the numbers scale that most jeans brands use. Yoga pants are for men and women, and typically stay TTS

What’s the difference between yoga pants vs. leggings?

Technically there is no difference, but stores usually differentiate between the two because of the style and cut. Leggings are tighter and form fitting and yoga pants can have a flare or boot cut sometimes. Lululemon sells tons of comfy yoga pants and even pairs with pockets or ones for work!