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Tips for Wrap Dresses

Would you recommend a wrap dress?

Let’s get straight to the point. The answer is yes, yes we recommend wrap dresses short or long. Why? Wrap dresses were invented when someone asked, how can we make dresses even better? Well, we can add a perfect little wrap situation right at the waist that is super flattering on everyone and call it a day. We promise you won’t be disappointed by a wrap dress - hit that buy button! Wear for work, for wedding, for fall, for literally anything! 

How should I style a wrap dress?

In the Summer, we would rock a wrap dress with flat, strappy sandals and some cute sunglasses. Easy, simple. For Fall, you can pair your new wrap dress with sleeves with converses and a leather jacket. You can even wear it with black tights and boots in the Winter. So versatile! 

Where should I shop for a wrap dress?

Princess Polly is the absolute expert on the wrap dress for women. They make it in every color and fabric you could possibly imagine so that’s the place to start. Other great wrap dress-making brands are Lulu’s, Zaful and American Eagle. 

That’s a wrap!