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wildflower cases

Tips for Wildflower Cases

Which iPhone case company do I choose?

Wildflower cases offer you affordable, great graphic I-phone cases to match your everyday outfits. Their designs can range from cherries and butterflies to colorful plaid designs. 

Would you recommend Wildflower Cases?

Yes, absolutely! Wildflower Cases is our favorite brand for iPhone cases. They have so many options - from gold to silver to animal print to cases designed by all your favorite influencers - you will never run out of new iPhone cases to try. In fact, we recommend you go ahead and buy at least 4 so your phone can always match your outfit. Is that extra? Of course, but has that ever stopped you before? (Hint: It shouldn't).

Do they collaborate with any of my favorite influencers?

They do great collaborations with Emma Chamberlain, Hannah Meloche, and Antonio Garza to name a few. Each of their collaborations is unique and it matches the influencers' aesthetic perfectly.