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tennis skirt

Tips for tennis skirts

Are tennis skirts in fashion? 100% YAS! If you don’t have a tennis skirt currently in your closet, what is wrong with you? They are so on trend and can easily be dressed up or down. So versatile and so affordable. Go for that tennis pro look, school girl look, or Gossip Girl look. 

Do tennis skirts have pockets?Yes, they do and they are a godsend. You can honestly, keep anything in them. But remember the pockets are small so stick to smaller items. For example, gum, keys, all your lost bobby pins, and of course your tennis ball. 

Can I wear tennis skirts with leggings? For those cold winter mornings where you don’t want your legs to become icicles, please do add leggings. They definitely change up the look but we 100% back you up. Even if it isn’t cold out, leggings with any clothing item is a must.