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Tips for Sequin Dresses

Where can I wear a sequin dress?

Sequin dresses are great for the obvious fancy event like Homecoming or New Year’s Eve. But don’t be afraid to rock a sequin dress whenever you feel like it. For example, we love a sequin dress with a flannel tee and converse for a casual but funky concert look, or you can find one with sleeves for a chilly night! Long sleeve dresses are IN.

Should I go with a short or long sequined dress?

Our vote is the short mini sequin dress every time. It’s more fun and less formal and works for the fancy events and the everyday sequin events (yes, we just coined the term everyday sequin events. Let’s make it a thing). 

What color is best?

You can’t go wrong with black, white, silver or gold sequin dresses. Those are the classics. If you want to spice it up and really stand out, we would totally support you in red, purple, or rainbow sequins! Check out Urban Outfitters, Revolve, Tobi, Zara and more to see all your options. Happy sparkling!