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Tips for Scrunchies

Why are scrunchies so popular?

Scrunchies are so popular because they are fun and great for your hair. Are you trying for the VSCO girl look? You can stack them on your wrist to make an outfit pop or tie your hair up in a messy bun with a colorful scrunchie. If you're really feeling crafty you can totally diy!

Are there different types of scrunchies?

YES! There are coiled scrunchies and fabric scrunchies. Fabric scrunchies come in a pack of many different colors and designs as well as fabrics. There are teddy ones, red velvet, pink silk etc. Coiled scrunchies are smaller and can be metallic and colorful. 

Are scrunchies good for your hair?

YES! Scrunchies are better than elastic hair ties. They don’t pull your hair out when you put your hair up and they offer a little more support depending on your hair thickness. Not to mention they look so colorful and add a pop once you use one.