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paper bag shorts

Tips for paper bag shorts

What store sells the best paper bag shorts for plus size? Boohoo has the best paper bag shorts for plus size. They come in really cool and classic colors and are so comfy. They have a great price point and walk out purchasing so many. We personally love their denim blue and classic sleek black look. 

What can I rock with paper bag shorts? Trying to complete your outfit of paper bag shorts? Not sure what to wear with it? We really love wearing it with a crop top and or a bodysuit. We aim to keep the paper bag shorts the staple of the outfit since they are so unique and eye catching. 

Can I buy denim paper bag shorts? Yes, Pretty Little Thing has such great denim paper bag shorts. They are really comfy and stretchy which is always great. You can definitely buy them in different denim colors and even denim patterns. We truly love them and highly recommend them to be added to your wardrobe.