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Tips for Mini Backpacks

How much can I fit in a mini-backpack?

Mini backpacks are the new purse! If you don’t have one yet you NEED one. Obviously it depends on the backpack, but usually you can fit a lot in those little guys. Some have tons of pockets so you can fit a lot of little things in them, but they’re usually too small to carry a computer.

Are mini-backpacks good to use for school?

Mini-backpacks are an awesome addition to any outfit, but they’re usually too small to fit binders and computers, so it might not be a good fit for a school day. Try using them instead of a purse on the weekend when you go to the movies or to a friends house!

What style mini-backpacks are in trend?

You can’t go wrong with black leather. There are so many cute options for girls and for women on dote that will have all your friends thinking you're wearing a designer backpack without having to splurge.