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Tips for Mario Badescu

Should I buy Mario Badescu products?

Mario Badescu made a huge splash and we love their products. You’ll see your favorite influencers from Haley Pham to Hannah Meloche to Teala Dunn promoting Mario Badescu products and they are well worth the investment. There are also some great drying lotion reviews on Stories on dote! We 10/10 recommend. 

What are the best Mario Badescu products to buy?

We personally love the Facial Spray. It keeps your skin feeling hydrated and fresh all day long and you can easily throw it in your backpack or purse and bring it with you everywhere you go. If you are going to invest in just on Mario Badescu product, it would have to be the Facial Spray. Other products we love are the Drying Lotion, the lip balm, the toner, the buffering lotion, the Acne Starter Kit, and the Seaweed Night Cream.

Where can you buy Mario Badescu products?

Urban Outfitters is the spot for all things Mario.