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Which LA Hearts pieces do you love the most?

Which LA Hearts pieces do you love the most?

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What you need to know about LA Hearts by Pacsun

Where can I buy LA Hearts clothing? PACSUN!!!! So many great options and you can honestly purchase your full wardrobe in one click or purchase multiple. We love their clothing so so much. They are such a must have. 

What is the price point for LA Heart dresses? The prices vary for LA Heart dresses but they mainly range from $25.00 to $50.00. They are pretty affordable and so comfy. Not to mention they are so cute and really stand out. We personally love them and always rocking one with our Dr. Martens. 

What is the best LA Hearts sherpa jacket? We personally love their ivory sherpa jacket. They are so warm and they can honestly go with any outfit you choose. They can get dirty but a quick wash and you are ready to rock your new favorite jacket again. We highly recommend buying one.