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Which hydroflask color would you bring to school?

Which hydroflask color would you bring to school?

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Tips for Hydroflasks

How do I decorate my hydroflask?

Stickers! There are tons of cool bumper stickers that you can buy online, but it’s also fun to collect stickers from different travel destinations or collect stickers with logos from your favorite brands. Buy a bigger bottle and you’ll have more room for fun stickers.

Are hydroflasks that much better than other water bottles?

Hydroflasks last literally forever and they’re vacuum sealed, so they keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, all day! They’re worth the hype and they’re sometimes on sale! Hydroflasks come in a bunch of sizes, but the standard are the 32 oz and 40 oz bottles, and you can also buy the straw lid to replace the normal snap lid cover.