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green poncho sweater

Which brand makes your favorite green poncho sweater?

Which brand makes your favorite green poncho sweater?

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Tips for Poncho Sweaters

What’s the deal with ponchos?

Ponchos are cool. V cool. Basically, wearing a poncho is like getting to wear a blanket in public but instead of everyone judging you for being lazy, they think you are trendy. What more could you want more from a piece of clothing? 

How do you style a poncho?

We love a poncho with a pair of leather leggings and some snow boots. They also go great with a pair of ripped jeans and cute sandals. It really depends if you are going more for the cold, snowy, comfy look or the boho, beach babe look. We stan both. Great news - you can wear anything you want under a poncho! Long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve, no shirt - yup, it all works. Panchos come in so many different colors, but don't get crazy. We recommend plaid with dark colors, forest green, hunter green, olive, or a soft nude. 

What brands carry the best ponchos?

If you want to go high brow with your poncho-self, check out Revolve. And if you aren’t sure yet whether the poncho is for you or not, you can find some really affordable options at Forever 21 or Rosegal. Happy poncho-ing ppl!