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Which brand makes your favorite dr. martens?

Which brand makes your favorite dr. martens?

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Do Dr. Martens only make boots?

No! Dr. Martens make sandals, shoes, and boots. They are all so comfy and really add a pop to your outfit. They can easily be dressed up or down. 

Where can I purchase Dr. Martens?

So many stores sell Dr. Martens, you can easily purchase one so quickly. Urban Outfitters is our go to spot. They sell their boots, sandals, and shoes. There so many different colors and styles and the price points are always great. 

How much do Dr. Martens cost?

It really depends if you are looking to purchase the sandal, boot, or shoe. Their shoes begin at about $65.00 and can go up to $140.00. Their boots and sandals start at around $120 and increase from there. But you are definitely paying for great quality and an everlasting product.