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corduroy pants

Which brand makes your favorite corduroy pants?

Which brand makes your favorite corduroy pants?

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Tips for Corduroy Pants

How should I style corduroy pants?

It’s officially Fall (can I get an amen?), which means pumpkin spice lattes, leggings and UGGs and CORDUROY IS BACK! Remember our friend corduroy? Yes, they’re back and we couldn’t be more excited. There are so many ways to style corduroy pants for men and women, but our absolute favorite is pairing them with a tee shirt, jean jacket and flannel scarf. What is more Fall than a flannel scarf and corduroy pants? Nothing, the answer is nothing. 

Are corduroy pants comfortable?

Actually, they are surprisingly stretchy, which makes them just as comfortable as jeans if not more comfortable. They are so popular now, you can get them in all different forms - high-waisted, low-waisted, slim, flare, straight leg, and the list goes on forever. 

How does the sizing work?

We recommend going with your usual jean size for corduroy pants. Checkout Nasty Gal and Forever21 for the best plus size options.

Where should I shop for corduroy pants?

Pacsun! So many cute options that will have you totally obsessed.