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black turtleneck

Tips for Black Turtlenecks

How do I style a black turtleneck? 

In case you didn’t know, layering is everything these days and a black turtleneck is a staple to crush this style. We recommend wearing a turtleneck underneath an oversized sweater for a classy urban look or underneath a graphic tee for an edgier outfit.

What brand has the best black turtlenecks? 

Well, it mostly depends on your budget. If you think you are only going to wear it a few times and don't want to spend too much, we recommend checking out Forever 21 or Nasty Gal. If you are ready to splurge on this closet staple, checkout out Lulu’s or UrbanOutfitters. 

Are there different styles of turtlenecks?

Definitely- there are turtleneck sweaters, bodysuits, crop tops, and more! There a turtlenecks for men and women. Buy one and it’ll be a staple shirt in your closet for sure.