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Tips for Biker Shorts

Is the biker short trend for you?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen every influencer and our fave men and women jumping on the biker short bandwagon this year. We love Emma Chamberlain and Claudia Suwelski in a biker short and we love you in a biker short too. Seriously. Think about. Stretchy, comfortable, long shorts that basically feel like pajamas? I mean, why not? You thought they couldn’t outdo leggings but then you met biker shorts. So, get on the bandwagon sis. 

How should you style your biker shorts?

Our top recommendation for styling biker shorts is to pair them with a big, oversized tee or hoodie. There are also sick biker short rompers that are becoming a trend right now. When it comes to shoes, biker shorts with vans is a cool look.

Which brands make the best biker shorts?

Everybody is making biker shorts these days so you have a lot of really good options. If you want top of the line, high quality, then check out Free People or Revolve. If you just want to dip your toe in the biker shorts pool, then we’d recommend a more affordable pair from Pretty Little Thing or Forever 21.