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Tips for Bandeau Bras

What is so great about bandeau bras?

Bandeau bras are such a staple piece to have. Trust us, once you buy a bralette you're going to toss out all your old bras. You might be wondering, what's the difference?  Bandeaus and bralettes don't have underwire. They work great with off the shoulder tops, tube tops, and strapless dresses. If you prefer a bralette with straps, we got you covered!  

What store has the best bandeau bras?

Urban Outfitters has some really great affordable bandeau bras, but we also love Forever21, Aerie and Nasty Gal because they have more variety for plus size.  They come in almost every single color and design. They have really basic plain ones and really nice lace ones. 

What color should I get for my bandeau bra?

You can’t go wrong with the top three popular colors: black, beige, and white. However, there are so many different colors that bandeau bras come in so buy some awesome colorful ones. You can also rock them as a top and throw a jacket over it. Go buy some!