what is dote?

dote is the app where anyone can become a fashion influencer! share your fashion style to get followers and earn coins that you can use coins to buy items, exchange for cash, or redeem influencer deals.

dote is your one-stop way to shop from 150+ stores including brandy melville, urban outfitters, forever 21, mac, and princess polly. purchase from all of your favorite stores through one single checkout. all items ship directly from each store. shipping, estimated taxes and fees may apply.

how do I become a paid influencer?

everyone can be a paid influencer on dote! when your stories help people shop, you’ll get coins. you can use coins to buy items, exchange for cash, or redeem influencer deals. when you get 20k+ followers, you get the dote influencer crown on your profile.

what are dote coins?

you can earn coins by purchasing on dote, posting stories when people shop via the posts, and claiming your daily check-in bonus! you can find your coin balance on the account page of your profile. coins will expire after 3 months of no activity in your account, so make sure you log in at least once every 3 months to keep the coins from expiring.

when you purchase on dote, you will receive 3 coins for every $1 spent (excluding taxes, fees and shipping). all fractional amounts are rounded down to the nearest whole dollar and no fractional coins will be issued. for example, if your transaction was $32.89 you will receive 96 coins. if you return a merchandise, dote will deduct the coins that you previously earned from your account, potentially resulting in a negative coin balance.

dote also rewards users for generating content to help dote other users shop. you can earn coins for posting stories on dote when someone buys a tagged item in your content. the main factors determining the amount of coins you may earn will be the price and brand of the item being purchased. the estimated reward you will earn is between 1 to 10 coins for every $1 of sales (excluding taxes, fees and shipping).

you can redeem dote coins at checkout. 100 coins will become $1 of credit towards your subsequent purchases. once you reach 30k coins, you can exchange for cash. the current exchange rate for coins for cash is 100 coins is equal $1. you can also redeem prizes available in app with your dote coins.

to learn more about coins and the terms and conditions relating to earning and redeeming coins please see our terms of use.

how does shopping on dote work?

dote allows you to purchase from your favorite stores all at once! once you place your order, we work with the different retailers who will ship the products directly from their warehouse to your door. shipping, estimated taxes and fees may apply. dote processes your payment and uses our payment method to pay the store as to never pass along any of your payment information. as soon as we receive tracking information, we pass that along so you know when to be on the lookout for your package!

can I return purchases made on dote?

dote follows the retailer's return policy. your package should include the retailer's return policy and you'll need to return items via mail, just like when you purchase directly from that retailer! not all products can be returned (i.e. undergarments, customized items, and final sale items). you can start a return through your order history or contact hello@doteshopping.com so that we can help.

what do I do if I have a question about a dote charge?

when a purchase is made on dote, the charge will appear on your bank statement as dote shopping. the charge on your card is for items from stores, including shipping, estimated taxes, and fees.

dote uses a highly secure process to protect your information and keep shopping experiences safe. security is extremely important to us and we never share your payment details with retailers. when you make purchases through dote, we use our payment method to pay the retailers. this ensures that your credit card details are not being passed around in cyberspace.

dote will never process unauthorized charges. if you would like to be refunded for an unapproved order placed by someone in your household, please see the return instructions included in your package or request a return in-app through your order history. you may also contact us at hello@doteshopping.com so that we can help.

can’t find what you’re looking for?

other questions? we’re here to help! contact us through the app or email us at hello@doteshopping.com.