dote community guidelines

the dote community guidelines help make sure dote is a fun place to shop with friends and creators. being part of dote involves a level of trust and we expect all users to show each other the respect that every creator deserves.

community guidelines

nudity or sexual content

dote is for shopping and sharing your style, so we expect you to be clothed in your stories, shopping parties, and other content.

harassment and hateful content

dote is a place to express your style and everyone should feel safe to do so. it’s not ok to post abusive or malicious comments.


everyone hates spam. don’t post repetitive comments including referral codes, polls, or follow requests.

privacy and copyright

if someone has posted your personal information or content that belongs to you, you can request removal of that content.

reporting community guideline violations

dote cares about having a respectful and inclusive community. we use your feedback to learn when something isn’t right. if you think content is inappropriate or ill-intentioned, please report the content for our team to review.

how to report content that doesn’t align with our community guidelines:

  1. reporting content
    1. stories - click the no symbol in the top right to report the post
    2. comments - swipe left to report as spam or offensive
    3. shopping party comments - tap the comment to report the user
  2. contact our support team at for all other issues and we will address your concerns

for more information

the dote community guidelines are meant to foster and protect dote users. they serve in addition to our terms of service and violation of our guidelines or terms may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions.